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Unlimited Fire Conference Streams with Waves

Posted on 24 Februari 2021

Surakarta, Indonesia (September 22, 2020)—Audio provider ASIIS Indonesia used the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer and Waves plug-ins for the broadcast streaming of the recent Unlimited Fire Conference – Power 2020.

The Unlimited Fire Conference, an interdenominational youth network, was based this year in Solo City (Surakarta), Indonesia and featured the Unlimited Fire band, consisting of five vocalists, four musicians a pastor and two hosts. ASIIS (Acoustic, Sound, Image, Integrated, Solution), based in Indonesia, provided the internet system, broadcast system, tracking and mixing for the Unlimited Fire band’s main worship sessions.

“Our setup’s function is centered on direct-from-stage to the eMotion LV1 Stageboxes,” says Andy Mulya Sutikno, production director/mixing engineer and owner and director of PT. ASIIS Indonesia. “We used two SoundStudio STG 2412 Stageboxes for the stage, and one STG-1608 for monitor mixing and an additional one for broadcast mixing, feeding our nearfield Amphion One18 monitors. When working with the SoundStudio Stageboxes, we are able to get very clean and controlled high frequencies, solid and tight low frequencies, and warm yet articulated mid and mid-low to get the hi-fi feel of a live mix. We supported the venue’s existing backline via a Waves SoundGrid network that connects the broadcast mixer with the monitor mixer — with gain sharing from the various Stageboxes in the SoundGrid network.”

He continues, “The whole conference was broken down into nine sessions that involved a chat, a music video, hosts, worship and sermon. The chat was recorded elsewhere, and I recorded and mixed the worship and sermon. The music video was shot separately by the church.

“The church’s media team took the worship and pastor sessions that I mixed and then combined it with the other bits and streamed it. We used the eMotion LV1 for tracking and direct mastering for sermons that go direct to a multimedia team for video editing. So, we had materials that were recorded at the moment, together with materials to be sent direct, mixed and mastered, minus sound editing.”

He goes on: “The sessions were recorded beforehand with the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer, and we then supplied the band’s six sessions for the playback tracks using a Waves SoundGrid Driver to send data over a Cat 6 Ethernet cable. We received their prerecorded tracks and prerecorded multitracks which included bass synths, 808s, claps, pads, synths, brass, strings, backing vocals, effects, clicks and guiding vocals — less than 20 hours before they are supposed to be on air! There were about 30-plus channel sequencer tracks that we had to manually arrange in time, together with the existing tracks that we already recorded.”

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