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Komodo Absoreber

Komodo Absoreber

Komodo Absorber

Flat reflective surfaces are known to cause interfering reflections and excessive echo, which can impose restrictions on the functionality of your home cinema or hi-fi room. In order to address your specific needs, Artnovion developed the Komodo W Absorber, a decorative and innovative wooden panel with an acoustically optimised perforation pattern that eliminates sound radiation effects, offering reflection and reverberation control.
A decorative and innovative absorber.
Komodo is easy to install and is available in 7 different finishes.

Acoustic performance:
- Absorption range: 315Hz and 3150Hz.
- Acoustic class: C - (αw): 0,7(M)

Finishing Material
Wood FG (Furniture grade)
Wood FR+ (Fire Rated improved)

Komodo Absorber
FG: 595x595x58mm
FR+: 595x595x60mm

Komodo Doble V Absorber
FG: 595x1190x58mm
FR+: 595x1190x60mm

Komodo Doble H Absorber
FG: 1190x595x58mm
FR+: 1190x595x60mm

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Impulso Acoustics App
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