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Thor Absorber

Thor Absorber

Thor Absorber

Thor is a versatile solution for the Pro Audio market. Made entirely of high-performance foam, with a great finish, Thor is perfect for home recording studios and mixing rooms. Easy to mount on both walls and ceilings. With a simple but effective design, Thor, acoustic foam absorber, is an excellent solution for any kind of environment and is a welcome addition to any professional space.

Bringing acoustic treatment and cable management together.
A fully optimized acoustic panel.

Absorption range | 315Hz to 8000Hz
Acoustic class | C
Absorption coef. (αw) | 0,7(M)

Available Finishes:
Foam FG
Velvet FG

FG | 595x595x60mm (+/- 3mm)

Artnovion tools:

Impulso Acoustics App
High Accuracy Acoustic App Engineered by Artnovion

Project Support
This form is a tool designed to assist professionals plan and configure acoustic treatment projects.

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