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Full Orchestra for 50years Golden Jubilee Orchestra Concert

Posted on 03 Oktober 2017

92 Channels Full Orchestra for 50years Golden Jubilee Orchestra Concert.

A very important and very crucial event being held by the Catholic Community in Central Java was looking for a system that will be able to serve the very hectic tight installation schedule and still expect to deliver luxurious sounding system.

NEXO GeoS12 system was chose not only able to be very powerful but also able to reproduce very high fidelity and natural sounding instruments.

It was proven by the use of dosens microphones in this Golden Jubilee Orchestra Concert at Crowne Hotel Ballroom Semarang on 24 August 2017.

Paulus Surya Orchestra presented the concert with some Indonesian singers; Delon Thamrin, Putri Ayu, Angela July, Cicho Jericho and Surya Vokalia. This event was held to celebrate 50 years of Chatolic Charismatic Renewal in Indonesia.

ASIIS Indonesia, the NEXO distributor in Indonesia, implemented NEXO GeoS12, LS18, RS18, PS10 and PS15 for this event, driven by YAMAHA CL Series console.

NEXO GeoS1210s, NEXO LS18s were used as the main Left Right and placed far apart because of the very wide 24m stage and we also implemented Right Cardioid and Left Cardioid Ray Sub NEXO RS 18 Sub woofers to extend the very rich, articulated low subs without interfeering the microphones phases on the stage.

GeoS1230s were also used as the frontfills to cover the mid highs for the front VIP Platinum seats Andy Mulya Sutikno who was incharge as the System Engineer and also the Front of House Soundman.

The result of the Cardioid Subs and very even smooth coverage all across the Venus received many appreciations from the Comittes, Conductors and even the Venue Owner.

The audience and all performers were also very satisfied with sound quality reproduced in this concert using NEXO. "I like NEXO system, the sound was good and clear, NEXO is cool!" said Putri Ayu, singing the glorious Ave Maria in this concert.

ASIIS Indonesia