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Suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from medium to large scale concerts & theaters where sound quality is crucial.

ARES 12i is state of the art self-powered 3-ways line array system featuring dual 12’’ speakers for LF, eight 3’’ drivers delivering outstanding MF and two 1’’ HF exit compression drivers coupled to a waveguide that provides smooth top end.

The 4-ways Powersoft built-in amplifier is managed by AUDIOFOCUS DSP that uses SHARKS technology for zero latency filtering IIR and FIR.

ARES 12i operates over the nominal frequency range of 45 Hz to 20 kHz.

Analog and AES input can be used and the system can be controlled by the AF manager software to ensure perfect matching between the system and the audience.

Thanks to this, beam steering can be implemented to cancel any form of reflections
in theaters and operas.