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The MXC601 is designed to be a ceiling mount version of the MX wall speaker series. The MX series is a system of audio building blocks that allows architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio. The MXC601 can be integrated as part of an MX601 installation and give the same sonic performance in a series or parallel wiring to the MX601 wall speakers. The MXC601 can give extended full range audio coverage when the compact MX10S sub bass is added.

The MXC601 can be wired as a 16Ω low impedance speaker or a 70/100 volt installation with selectable wattage tapings.

The objective for the designers of the MXC601 was to give the same performance of a high quality wall mount system in a ceiling speaker format. The appearance of the installed speaker is clean and fits in well with the modern trend of minimal visual distraction. The magnetic grill design means that there is a very neat finish to the finished installation. The result is a refined appearance that fits visually into any environment, high fidelity music and speech in a package that is easy to install and set up.

The MXC601 is a premium quality ceiling speaker with a wide range of installation and wiring possibilities. As a 16Ω loudspeaker up to four units can be connected to achieve a 4Ω load to an amplifier. This allows for up to eight speakers to be connected to a stereo amplifier with the result being a very high fidelity distributed system. Multiple 70/100 volt tapings and also an EQ contour can be selected from the front baffle of an installed speaker. This allows for fine tuning after installation if desired.

The aluminium fire resistant casing is acoustically damped and contains a suspension ring on the top of the casing for hanging installation or strain relief. The drivers and internal electronics are identical to the MX601. Like the MX601, The MXC contains a completely new type of woofer design. Quest has designed this new type of driver and incorporated a passive resonance circuit that simulates the action of a reflex port but with a more extended frequency range. The lightweight of the cabinet and neodymium magnet components mean that the weight stress on ceiling tiles is low and reinforcing bars are not required.