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ARES 8 Line Array

ARES 8 Line Array

ARES 8 line array system is suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from small scale concerts to theaters where sound quality is crucial.

AUDIOFOCUS ARES 8 offers all the benefits of real line array respecting all WST criteria. Dual 8’’ Faital Pro handles low-mid frequency range while a 1,4’’ exit compression driver coupled to a waveguide provides smooth top end.

With this compact and lightweight cabinet a single operator is capable to set up individually the system of 8 elements only in ten minutes due to smart and handy rigging.

– ARES 8 is available in “Plug & Play” version with 4 preset, DSP and amplifier from Powersoft.
– A Bi-amp version is available with Powersoft set up and amplifiers.
– ARES 8 line array system is listed in Ease Focus database