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FR-X 15a is compact, 2-way, self-powered enclosure. It features one 15’’ neodymium speaker in a bass-reflex enclosure and one 1,4’’ ferrite compression driver coupled to a versatile AF horn.

FR-X 15a operates over the nominal frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz. The AF versatile horn generates a 80°x30° asymmetric directivity pattern and is easy to rotate in a few seconds. The cabinets are made of first grade Baltic birch plywood.

The FR-X rigging system allows assembling a horizontal or vertical array with constant curvature. Coupling between traditional horns causes a lot of comb effect resulting in poor sound projection and coherence in the space due to bad coupling between cabinets.

Thanks to the AF horn and specific DSP treatment, comb effects are eliminated to ensure a perfect coupling between FRX-a cabinets and create a coherent wavefront at any location. We call that ‘’X-comb’’ technology that permits the use of rotating horn to adapt directivity and curvature array.