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SnakeSys R4

SnakeSys R4

A multi-purpose network distribution node, comprising DMX output ports, DMX input ports and multiple network ports in a 1U rack.


Art-Net and Streaming ACN support
Power up to three SnakeSys T2s or B4s
Management over network
ChamNet mode with on-board storage of configuration date
Network ports switchable as VLAN
DMX bypass facility
Individually isolated outputs
Multiple SnakeSys R4 redundancy mode


Network ports: 5 (3 front PoE capable, 2 rear non-PoE)
DMX output ports: 4
DMX input ports: 4
Power input: 90 to 250VAC
Width: 483mm
Depth: 243mm
Height: 45mm
Weight: 2935g