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Myriad F - Absorber

Myriad F - Absorber

Myriad F Absorber

Myriad is an acoustic absorber panel, designed for rooms that require a simple and efficient solution for reverberation control.
Made from high-performance acoustic foam, covered with a premium acoustic fabric, Myriad excels in the high-frequency range. Myriad unleashes its design potential when combining colours, allowing you to create beautiful designs and your own personalised patterns.
Myriad is very easy to install, with a self-adhesive backing. In minutes you can have your room acoustically treated and ready to use.

Be creative with your acoustic treatment.

A fully optimized acoustic panel.

Absorption range | 315Hz to 8000Hz
Acoustic class | B
Absorption coef. (αw) | 0,8(M)

Available Finishes:
Fabric FG

Myriad F 30 - Absorber
FG | 257x257x30mm

Myriad F 50 - Absorber
FG | 257x257x50mm