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what peoples say about ASIIS Indonesia

rick kanady

“Utterly unreal!! Awesome service and awesome sound.. Nothing more comforting for us musicians than being served by these guys and their products!!!”

Rick Kanadi


Nexo is one of the most versatile sound system i have ever seen. Truly able to capture the needs of the performer and artist needs on stage. Be it a small scale or big scale concert nexo is more than capable to handle all sort of situations.


Barry Likumahua

Very well sounded. Monitors performs really well, each of the frequency can be translated and articulated very precise. Unique design of the Monitor speakers, fits to every stage design, the tiny size doesn’t block the view. Very nice.

Barry Likumahua

Asti Asha

Sounds very luxurious, everybody’s talking about the Sound System

Asti asha

Amelia Ong

I really love the sound system, even hearing from the far already sounded very intimate and luxurious and the Monitor 45N12 I really love em

Amelia Ong


sounds very clean, smooth, and very easy to Mix.

Krismon (sound engineer for syahrani)

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