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1. Sound

a.Hi Fidelity Sound (Pro Sound Power with Hi Fi Quality)

i.Hifi Clarity Sound

ii.Great High Extention

iii.Flat Response all the way up to 20 kHz

iv.Extremely High Mid and Low Freq Head room

v.All Round musics either for smooth jazz, Heavy Metal to Hardcore Disco

2. Technology

a.The Most Sophisticated Pro Sound Speakers with Futuristic Features that will set the new Standard In Sound
Reiforcement industry.
i.Kapton Polymer in High Frequency Driver (Gives smooth High Freq Extension without harsh and unlinear transient
respons thanks to Kapton Polymer Material usually only used in Space Ship Tech)
ii.The First Flat membrane that will give the most even horizontal mid high dispersion without excessive high freq
pointing effect in one sweet spot area.
iii.The Most sophisticated Installation Technologies that will give the ease of Installation (2 Persons to install the Total
Stadium Size Rigs)
iv.With combination of NuAr (or NxAmps) with NeMo which can be said as no channel limit LoudSpeaker
Management to customize and tweek the sound to every detail remote and difficult place the rigs can handle in real

3. Flexibility in Modularity System

a.Compact Size but Extra Powerfull (2 X 8” Driver 140dB, single 12” Driver 143 dB)
b.The Most Flexible System, whether you want to do 500 seat concert or 200.000 seats concert. (ONLY ONE SYSTEM
that you will have to Invest that you will never find in other System)
c.If only One System Investment for All means VERY Effective and Efficient System no unused Speakers in your
warehouse, all will be used wherever you go.

4. High Durability

a.Dedicated great protection system and will never break-up
b.Extra Riggid Enclosure using best material to date

5. Most Powerfull System On Earth

a.Throung the Most Sophisticated Enclosure Technology Design creates The most Efficient Enclosure that will provide
the Loudest Speakers in each size
b.Low Freq Unlimited Modularity Cabinets will give the most Thrilling Mid Low Freq Power experience never before Felt

6. Price

a.You will have to pay much more in order to compete with the High End sound of Nexo
b.From the Small Format yet very Powefull Nexo GEO S8 Line Array system, you only need to spend less than 550m
to accommodate up to 2000 People in a venue.

PT. Acoustic Sound Image Integrated Solution

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