The Amazing NEXO GeoD at one of the Biggest Church In Indonesia

Posted on 26 Januari 2018

Surakarta (also known as Solo) is a historical city, used to be the royal capital in the Indonesian island of Java. One of the biggest churches in Indonesia: GBI Keluarga Allah is located here. This church has stood since 1989 and has a 5.400-seat capacity worship building.

For a house of worship, it is very important to apply the best sound system. All the congregations must be able to feel the same atmosphere from the uplifted energized praise, deep intimate worship songs, to the time of intelligibility of preaching.

NEXO System has been chosen for the main hall building of this church. NEXO GeoD, NEXO RS18 Subs are used as the main Left Right, NEXO GeoM6 are used as the front fills to cover front rows which are very close to the stage, and NEXO 45N12 are also used as monitors for the worship leader and singers. The outfill uses NEXO GeoD, NEXO GeoS12, LS18, and NEXO PS10R2 for the delay and all powered up by NX-Amps.

Since 2012 NEXO system has proved its ability to produce constant great sound, it is so powerful and clear. It covers evenly all the areas of this church. Many appreciations and testimonies from Head Pastor, Praise Worship team and some Worship Artists who perform in this church. “NEXO is the best sound system used in my entire 30++ years of service", said Ps. Obaja Tanto Setiawan.